Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Month Old!!!

My sweet little girl turned 1 month old yesterday! WOW....this month has flown by.

Morgan's 1 month stats:
weight: 9lbs 11oz---70-75th percentile
height: 21 in----50-60th percentile
head circ: 14----40-50th percentile

Morgan loves to eat, she is still only on breast milk and takes 1 pumped bottle a day (next week we start 2 a day because I go back to work soon....more on that later). She is a great sleeper too...I her feed around 9pm then we go to bed, mommy wakes her up to eat at 12am then she sleeps until 6:30!!! She smiles and laughs in her sleep and she is starting to occasionally smile back at us!! We are so in love with this sweet girl and can't believe she is growing so fast already!

Also, she is starting to finally enjoy bathtime! Yea!! (I think I wasn't making the water warm enough at first).


Julie said...

Love your new background!!! I need to change mine. You're making me crave something different. :)

Cute pics of Morgan!! So happy for yall. Can't wait til baby dedication next week.

It is crazy how fast the first month flies. Just wait til you do this again and Morgan's running around. You'll blink and #2 will be 6 mos old. :)

Kyle and Jennie said...

I love the new lay out!!!! So cute!!!


rackersfamily said...

no, no, no! she can't be one month old already!!! It's just not possible. I'm so glad you blog so I can keep up with that cute little pumpkin. miss you.