Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 more days

I have only 3 more days until I have to go back to work. Its hard for me to even type that without getting teary. I have been very blessed to have a paid 6 weeks off, but that means Monday its all over. Wow, these 6 weeks has flown by!!

My days have been faster than any days I've ever known. They've been full of breast feedings, diaper changes, baby baths, being peed/pooped/spit up on, cuddling with Morgan, singing to Morgan, doing TONS of laundry, rocking Morgan, kissing Morgan, sleepless nights, happy tears, tired tears, sending Josh on endless trips to Babies R Us or Target, just simply staring at Morgan and thinking "How did I ever deserve this precious gift from God?" and realizing that I have never loved someone the way I love her!!!!!

These have been the best 6 weeks of my life! I am so blessed to have this little girl and I'm sooo going to miss being here to see her every minute of the day. However, I am also very blessed that my granny and mom will be the ones keeping her; that makes me feel comforted for sure!!

I LOVE my job..don't get me wrong. I spent lots of years and lots of money (that I'm still paying back) to have the career I have today, but next week will still be hard.

Please pray for me! Pray that I won't cry too much and make my patients think I'm crazy! Pray that Morgan will do great! Pray that I'll be able to get enough sleep to function during the day too!