Monday, April 12, 2010

Morgan's 1st Bath

Morgan's umbilical cord fell off at the end of last week, so we got to give her a real bath! Well, she wasn't really a big fan. It started off with a stunned look on her face and quickly changed to screaming and then finally she was a little happy by the time we were almost done. I think she was most happy to be wrapped up in her towel than anything else! Hopefully she'll grow to like them!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My life was changed forever in a moment and it was the best moment of my life!!!!!!

So a lot has happened since the last time I blogged...I became a MOMMY on March 30th 2010 at 12:46's some pics and a brief overview to get us up to date!

I went to work on March 30th knowing I was already at least 4cm dilated and we knew it might be a possibility the dr would send us to the hospital that day, but I went to work as usual and Josh met me at the appt at 1pm. Sure enough, I was 5cm and almost fully effaced so she told us to go home, get our stuff, go to the hospital and get ready to have a baby! It was so surreal but before we knew it we were all checked into Presby and ready for baby to arrive.

The labor wasn't bad; however, Morgan's heart rate didn't respond well to my pushing and my dr was pretty sure the cord was wrapped around Morgan's neck....I didn't push very long and my dr said we had to get her out now because the cord was really wrapped tight around her neck, and so she encouraged me to push with all I had and if she wasn't out in 3 more pushes we'd have to do forceps or an emergency c-section....well, through my tears God gave me amazing strength and Morgan was born!!! 7lbs 3oz, 19 3/4 inches long!!
I will never forget the moment they layed her on my makes me cry just typing about it!!! My life was changed forever in a moment and it was the best moment of my life!!!!!!
Morgan has done well, but she developed some jaundice and at first they just kept checking it for a few days and then decided she needed to be under "the lights" the help bring it down. I was in tears thinking they would bring this huge incubator-type thing to the house that she'd have to be in all day long, but to my suprise they brought out this "bili-blanket"....which is basically a blanket of lights that wraps around her toso and velcros on. We were able to hold her, feed her, etc all while she was under them. However, as of today, she no longer needs the lights because her level has came down...YEA!! And....she eats so well, she's already gained 9oz in 6 days since we left the hospital!!
Nights are going well, she wakes to eat every 3 hrs and then is back down until the next time...she really has been a wonderful baby!!

So...that pretty much brings us back to today! Josh is back at work as of yesterday and my mom is still here helping us. Life is good!! :-)