Sunday, January 17, 2010

28 weeks and Pics of Morgan's Room!!!!

Well...we've officially entered the 3rd trimester! I'm now 28 weeks! I have an ultrasound and dr appt this Friday, so we'll get to see about how much she is weighing now. She is still very active and I LOVE every kick and movement!!!! I'm starting to have a little trouble getting comfortable and sleeping at night, but other than that...we're doing great!

And, here are the pics of Morgan's Room....its even cuter in person. I'm really happy with how it turned out!


rackersfamily said...

Kisha...I love it! It's so girly. I love all the details. I think my favorite is that cute little tutu on the dress form... what a cute idea. Can't wait to meet Morgan!

Jessalynn said...

Love the pink owl! You look so freaking cute and so does the room!

Erin said...

it's just darling! i was looking for a little "owl-touch" happy to see the last pic:)

Julie said...

so cute!!

HG said...

Oh my goodness!!! Morgan's room is ADORABLE!! Did you hand paint the wall with her name on it?!?!

If so, are you for hire? :)

You are also very adorable momma!

Sarah said...

I had a dream that you had Miss Morgan early- at 32 weeks- and she was perfectly healthy and almost 8 lbs. Maybe its a sign?!?

I love her room and you look so good!