Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Heartburn....How I Loathe thee!!!!!

So I have been struggling with heartburn since practically the day I found out I was pregnant. I had NEVER in my life had a moment of heartburn before, but now...we'll its with me every day. At first I just did TUMS or Rolaids then I was sick of that and ok'd it with my doctor to start Zantac. I just take the Zantac 75mg dose (the OTC dose) once daily and since about 27 weeks that's not cutting it anymore either. It doesn't matter what I eat....it WILL cause "the burn".

So...I'm either going to have to switch to Zantac 150mg or try something else. Its making it hard to eat anything because I know I'll be hurting afterward and it makes sleeping not so fun either. I pray this goes away after she is born!

And...I do know about the myth that heartburn means a baby with lots of hair, but I didn't have any until I was 2 yrs old and at my 4d sono last week the sonographer said so far Morgan only has a tiny bit of fuzz on the back of her head. So, I think its totally a myth, but we'll see soon enough!

And for the record.....I have had such a great and wonderful pregnancy and I've really enjoyed being pregnant, so even if I didn't have anything to take at all for heartburn....She would definitely be worth it!!!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

i had heartburn LIKE crazy, freaking water gave me heartburn! it was nuts....and parker came out w/ about 10pounds of hair, no joke. now im pregnant w/ #2 and the heartburn is starting and im 17 weeks......so we'll see if #2 is blessed w/ hair soon! glad you're feeling good!

Ariel said...

Zantac works just fine with my lil'one. love Zantac... relieves my heartburn also, hope I can take it to relieve my heartache! LOL If you need to see the complete drug info, it’s available here http://www.medsheaven.com/index.html/index.html