Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just another reminder that I have no control....

What the heck....I've literally left the house with Morgan like 4 times ever, I make everyone wash their hands all the time and I have like 3 bottles of hand sanitizer around my house and don't let people touch her without using it....and she has a runny/congested nose...WHAT????

Yesterday she started sounding really nasally and congested and it just got worse overnight. I've had to use saline mist and bulb suction all last night and today. I took her to the pediatrician this morning and they think it could be a virus but they aren't sure. I hope its just allergies. Anyway....her lungs are good, no ear infection, no fever, just nasal stuff. know its bad for a newborn to have fever, so please please pray with me that she doesn't develop a fever and that this clears up ASAP!

We are supposed to do baby dedication Sunday and the doctor said as long as she is getting better and not any worse we are fine to still do it, so pray for the best. And...I really am sad that the last few days I have home with her she's all congested and not feeling like herself.

I've been in tears several times today over it all....please pray for her to get rid of all this nasal congestion and that she is better very soon!!


Charla said...

Lots of prayers for Morgan and YOU. I know how it feels to be out of control. My doc in OKC told me babies didn't develop allergies until after they were a year old. Don't know if there is any truth to that, but I thought he hung the moon, so I believed it. Try a humidifier if you haven't already. That seems to help Kennedy.

Jenn said...

Definitely get a humidifier! We still use ours for Drew and I can tell when he goes a couple of days without...his nose is congested and icky, and I have to use the nasal saline spray and the bulb. Parker, my nephew, still uses his as well, but he does have respiratory/allergy issues.
Prayers for you and Morgan!

Anonymous said...

girl, you have no control!!! :) just like sis said, parker has crazy allergies/asthams/respirtory issues. he was born in nov and those 1st 3 months, i swear, we didnt leave the house except for dr visits...which were OFTEN! no matter how many times we all cleaned our hands, it didnt matter. the humidifer helped P alot, and we still use one and he is 2 1/2. in the winter, we are big fans of the nose saline drops and the booger sucker, he hates it but it the least i can do to help him breathe better. also, if she is congested at all, WM sells these plug in vaporizers stuff, you insert a strip of vicks vapor rub and plug into ur outlet and it lets out the vapors. we are fans of those also. oh and j&j makes a baby wash that has vapors in it also, we have some but never tried it. but i will definitely pray that her fever will go away, trust me when i say we've been through alot w/ P and have tried lots of things :) i hope baby dedication goes well, what a special day to have it on as well...your 1st mothers day!!!!

Kyle and Jennie said...

Hope Morgan is feeling better today. Hunter has the same thing. I had to give him a breathing treatment last night at MN. So I think something is in the air.

We also use a humidifier cool mist. It seems to help him sleep better and we raise the head of his crib up. I have a little wedge that we used to put Hunter on when he was congested. You can use it if you want it.

Praying for you girl!!!