Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of for the love of Pumping....

So, first of all, I'm sitting at work waiting on my next patient and just finished pumping for the 3rd time at work today! Yep...I'm pumping 3 times a day at work, so I try to pump around each time Morgan should be taking a bottle. Its going well, but man, this is a chore! I mean, what girl doesn't love being connected to a milking apparatus that many times per day! When I sit there pumping I think "Man, I'm glad no one sees how ridiculous this looks!"

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to clean all the pieces to the pump each time, but its really a hassle. I have to load up the pumping bag in the morning, all the pieces, bottles, etc, pump 3 times, load it all back up before leaving work, sterilize the pieces at night and repeat!

I love breastfeeding and I love that its going well! I really want to breastfeed for as long as possible and I am really very thankful that I have a job that can accommodate pumping, but it definitely takes determination! I just pray that my supply stays up enough for us to continue!


Julie said...

I always felt like a cow when I was pumping. Or like Madonna when she wore the cone bra. It's just degrading on a certain level. ;)

Does your pump talk to you? I used to pump during the wee small hours of the morning, trying to increase my milk supply. And I swear my pump would say, "wake up. wake up. wake up."

You're doing awesome!!!

Kyle and Jennie said...

I know I HATED pumping. And yes I think that my pump talked to me too. It would say "go back to sleep, go back to sleep". =)

I LOVED breast feeding and cannot wait to have our second!

Love ya and you are doing awesome!

Lindsey @ Harpersville Home said...

Hi there! I just happened upon your blog and I just had to comment here. I pumped for 8 weeks straight before every feeding because my daughter refused to nurse. I'm just giggling thinking about it now - I always felt ridiculous!!! Is it not the oddest apparatus you've ever seen?? And my husband thought the noise of the pump was downright hilarious. I even had to get a car charger for my pump so we could actually go places because pumping was our only option for a while. It was crazy! Just hang in there! You'll get it to a science and it won't seem to drag on forever! Enjoy your little girl! :)