Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh well were movin' on up....

Yep, we're movin' up...Diaper sizes that is! Morgan is out of her newborn diapers. It makes me sad! I can't believe it...the size 1 diapers look so big, but they fit her! Its crazy how much she's grown! We knew it was definitely time to move up to the size 1's when she had 2 big poopy blowouts in 1 week. The newborn size just wasn't big enough to cover the chunky hiney anymore.

And, its not just diapers. She has also outgrown a lot of her newborn clothes too. There are still a few brands and outfits size newborn that fit her, but she is wearing several of the 0-3 month clothes now. I actually packed up a small box of newborn onsies and nightgowns this morning. My baby is growing everyday!!!

In other news, she is starting to like bathtime more and more everyday! So fun!!!