Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clean House??? When?

I LOVE a clean house. I love those vacuum lines in the carpet...they make me very happy! I love shiny counter tops and the smell of cleaning chemicals! I love all clean and folded laundry and organized drawers and closets. I LOVE a made up bed. I made my bed EVERYDAY before work because it looks so pretty when I get home. I'm a little OCD and that's ok with me, but its very hard to be OCD with a newborn.

Will my house ever be clean again? I'm thinking maybe No!

How can one little girl cause such havoc on the cleanliness of this house. Everyday I clean, pick up things, do some laundry and yet it never looks totally clean. Ahhh....I think I may have to learn to live with a little more mess than I used to (but its not easy for me)

I'm realizing more everyday that I really have no control over anything. I used to think I did, but now I'm admitting that for the most part I don't. God grant me patience...its never been a strong suit of mine!


Julie said...

Letting go of things is so hard, but you're ahead of the game if you're already figuring out that you have to do it. :)

As a word of encouragement... (and from a girl whose house is a DISASTER)... I have found that--for the most part-- people who have kids that are younger than 3 or 4 yrs old and also have clean homes accomplish this one of three ways.

1. They clean instead of playing or sitting or reading with their kids.
2. They hire someone to clean.
3. They schedule the kids' activities so that they are never in the home and can, therefore, never make a mess in the home.

It's a rare thing that the mom is just that organized and good at time management. And if their house is clean, chances are something else is not their strong suit. ;)

rackersfamily said...

who has time to clean the house when there is a chubby little baby to cuddle with?

rackersfamily said...
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