Monday, December 20, 2010

The Colony Long's 1st Annual Christmas Party

Josh's aunt and uncle and their kids live just around the corner from us; which we LOVE! Marc and Tiff are more than our family, they are some of our very closest friends! We see them pretty often, but we decided we needed to have our own little Christmas party last week so the kiddos could play and exchange gifts. We went over to their house and had Marc's famous tacos and spent the evening watching the kids. Cade loves Morgan so much and he is so good with her and Landry loves to help take care of her! We are so blessed to have them so close!! It was a very fun new tradition!

12 Days of Christmas--Post #2

We're still counting the days till Christmas and here is what Meems and Pop have given Morgan for "The 12 days of Christmas" days 3-8. (they are a little out of order...but I hate uploading pics on blogger. If any of you know an easier way to get them in order, please let me know!)

Day 7--Bath Toys

Day 8

Day 8---A new bow! Isn't it cute?! Great for Spring!

Day 3--A new Christmas bow

Day 4--Christmas socks

Day5--A new phone

Day 6--A sippy cup

So cute!
ONLY 4 more days to go!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Blanket or No Blanket????

I have a question for all you moms out there. When your kiddos were little (around Morgan's age----8 months)...did you cover them with a blanket in the winter??? I always put Morgan in warm PJ's and socks and we keep the house warm, but I don't usually put a blanket in there because she's such a crazy sleeper I thought she'd just get out from under it anyway. But, I want to be sure she's warm.

So, what did you do?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 days of Christmas-Post #1

For several years now Josh's parents have done "The 12 days of Christmas" with their grandkids. Well, this is Morgan's first Christmas, so its the first time she has gotten to experience 12 days! Meems and Pop (Josh's parents) sent a big box of presents (each small things) labeled Day 1, Day 2, etc.... (And can you believe they also get them several other presents for Christmas day?...they spoil her, but hey, that's what grandparents do)

It started Monday 12/13 and here are the 1st 2 days so far!

Day 1: A new Christmas Ornament!

Day 2
Day 2...A book with my picture in it! So cute!
Its called--If You Were Santa


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The crazy things people say

Saturday we took Morgan to see Santa at Stonebriar mall. We had to wait in line about 40 minutes and of course, we were right behind Miss Chatty Cathy with her two kiddos. One was about 5 yrs old and the other was 10 months (I know because she told me practically her whole life story).

Anyway, I don't know how we started talking to begin with, but once we did, she looked at Morgan (who was sitting sweetly in her stroller minding her own business and eating Cheerios) and said "I was just thinking earlier when I saw ya'll that she looks really spoiled and I was thinking my son will one day have to deal with high-maintenance girls like her". that supposed to be a compliment? How should I take that. I really didn't know what to say, but you could tell that she didn't think she said anything wrong and that she thought she was being nice. I guess because her outfit was cute and she had a bow on that makes her high maintenance. I wasn't sure if I should smile or punch her in the face.

Fast forward to later Saturday night when we went to dinner at Snuffers.

Morgan loves going to restaurants so she was playing and flirting with strangers, as usual, when a guy who works there came over to tell us that he thought Morgan was very cute. He asked how old she was and then proceeded to say, "Well, you have about 3 more years before you say, I'm about done with you kid". WHAT??? Your done with your kid after 3-4 yrs? Do people never think before they speak?

The whole thing just made us laugh! People crack me up!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Money down the drain...literally!

So our toilet in the master bath has been "Out of Order" for the past 3 weeks. It just had no pressure and would not actually flush. We have a "handy-man" that we use for a lot of things and we called him to come fix it (he's much cheaper than a plumber), but he was really busy so he just came today.

Well, did you know that tree/plant roots can grow into your plumbing system?? I had no idea. Then again, I know very little about how things work, etc. Apparently, some roots were in our system that he had to get out and now, works again! Thanks, that will be $65.

So, money down the drain! But hey, at least it works again.