Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Changes....Before and After

Since we had some free time this weekend we got to work on our guest bedroom. When we moved in we hated the color of the room but just made do and pretty much left the door closed since we didn't like it. Well, we got new bedding and just ran with it. We got up early this morning and started painting....Josh was great and we actually had fun with it. My mom helped me pick out the wall decor and made the beautiful arrangements above the bed. I can't believe that we did all this in 1 day!! Yea!

We also got new curtains today (which I LOVE) for our front living area. Things are really coming along with the house!

Guest Room Before....Awful!

Guest Room AFTER

After (sorry about the the weird shadow the light casted on the wall)


New Curtains in front living area