Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok, so I totally jinxed myself since last last night I got one of my terrible headaches....1st one in quite a few weeks but I feel like crap!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Headaches be gone!!!

So if you know much about me you know that I have suffered with headaches since my early college years. I have been on many different meds and I do use a medicine that helps me when I start feeling bad; however, I still get headaches every week and sometime multiple days per week. Its terrible!!!

Well...a little over 3 weeks ago on a Sunday I was feeling awful...my head was killing me and despite medication my headache still wasn't going away. My mom came over to massage my neck and shoulders (she's always so sweet to me) and she mentioned that maybe I should get a chiropractic adjustment to help. My medical training is obviously in western medicine and although we learned alot about other medical treatments, I can't say I know tons about things like chiropracty and how it works. Conveniently, my brother is in chiropractic school and he's pretty dang amazing!

I had never been adjusted before so I didn't really know if it would make a difference for me, but since my brother has his own adjusting table and has been taking a lot of neck and upper back adjusting courses, I decided to give it a try. He came over to my house, set up his table and adjusted my neck and back. I couldn't believe how much better I felt even the same day! The rest of that week I didn't have any headaches and I've been adjusted every weekend since then and have probably only had 1 headache total during this whole time! I've been really amazed! I'll keep taking my medicine, no doubt, but I've become a real believer in how much a chiropractor can help! And...I'm really proud of my little brother....he's going to be great!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Then & Now!

As you all know Josh and I have been together a long time (12 years as of Feb 8th)! We've been married for 5 this June and I love him more every day! But....many of you have asked to see pics of us from back in high school, etc.....well, here ya go! I think we've improved over the years!


~1998 (high school).....its amazing the difference 10 years can make!

Early college years (~2001)

These pictures make me laugh! We've been through so much together, Josh is my very best friend in the whole world! I can't wait for many many more years together!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our New Niece

Our sweet little niece Leah Charlene Long was born this past Thursday! She is such a beauty and looks alot like her big brother when he was a baby. She was 8bs 4oz, 19.9 inches long! Melanie (my sister-in-law) did great and Leah was born safe and healthy! We had to go out of town this weekend so I haven't gotten to see her in person yet, but next Saturday......I'm going to be loving on her like crazy! Now, we've got 3 nephew and 1 niece.....we're becoming quite the experimenced Aunt and Uncle...gonna have to get busy on changing that into mommy and daddy before too long I hope!