Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our New Niece

Our sweet little niece Leah Charlene Long was born this past Thursday! She is such a beauty and looks alot like her big brother when he was a baby. She was 8bs 4oz, 19.9 inches long! Melanie (my sister-in-law) did great and Leah was born safe and healthy! We had to go out of town this weekend so I haven't gotten to see her in person yet, but next Saturday......I'm going to be loving on her like crazy! Now, we've got 3 nephew and 1 niece.....we're becoming quite the experimenced Aunt and Uncle...gonna have to get busy on changing that into mommy and daddy before too long I hope!


rackersfamily said...

Can't wait for you and Josh to be mommy and daddy! ;)
congrats on the new addition.