Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of for the love of Pumping....

So, first of all, I'm sitting at work waiting on my next patient and just finished pumping for the 3rd time at work today! Yep...I'm pumping 3 times a day at work, so I try to pump around each time Morgan should be taking a bottle. Its going well, but man, this is a chore! I mean, what girl doesn't love being connected to a milking apparatus that many times per day! When I sit there pumping I think "Man, I'm glad no one sees how ridiculous this looks!"

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to clean all the pieces to the pump each time, but its really a hassle. I have to load up the pumping bag in the morning, all the pieces, bottles, etc, pump 3 times, load it all back up before leaving work, sterilize the pieces at night and repeat!

I love breastfeeding and I love that its going well! I really want to breastfeed for as long as possible and I am really very thankful that I have a job that can accommodate pumping, but it definitely takes determination! I just pray that my supply stays up enough for us to continue!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So much to little time!

Ok so I never realized there were so few hours in the day until I became a mommy! I mean, hello...I just can't accomplish all I'd like to in a day. (I know you're probably thinking, "then how do you have time to blog"...well I'm at work and eating my lunch right now and doing paperwork too) I know I'm talking mostly to moms since most people who read this are moms too, but seriously! I'd love another 2 hrs a day so I can get a few things done and still sleep. Right now I get about 6 hrs of sleep a night, not uninterrupted sleep but still 6 hrs cumulative and after 6 weeks its starting to catch up with me!

I could just let Josh give her a bottle at night and me go to bed early but she already has 3 bottles when I'm at work and I want to nurse her too, so sleep is the sacrifice I make.

I love being a mommy and I love Morgan so much! I just wish I had a little more time to do all the small things that life requires, but its all a work in progress! The 3 of us are learning together and Josh has been really great too!

And...I appreciate my mom sooo much!!! She has been so great! We have bonded in a whole new way since I became a mommy and we've always been very close! She has come over anytime I need her to, gone to the store for anything I need, helped me figure out what to do, let me get some sleep, and loved Morgan sooo much! There has only been 1 day of Morgan's life that she hasn't seen her Nana (at that day we took Morgan to Oklahoma to see Josh's family)! Thanks Mom, you are amazing!

Oh, and a little update on Miss Morgan, she is doing better (I think)...still congested in the nose, mainly in the morning and otherwise no other health issues and still no fevers yea!!!

I'll post pics of her church dedication soon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 more days

I have only 3 more days until I have to go back to work. Its hard for me to even type that without getting teary. I have been very blessed to have a paid 6 weeks off, but that means Monday its all over. Wow, these 6 weeks has flown by!!

My days have been faster than any days I've ever known. They've been full of breast feedings, diaper changes, baby baths, being peed/pooped/spit up on, cuddling with Morgan, singing to Morgan, doing TONS of laundry, rocking Morgan, kissing Morgan, sleepless nights, happy tears, tired tears, sending Josh on endless trips to Babies R Us or Target, just simply staring at Morgan and thinking "How did I ever deserve this precious gift from God?" and realizing that I have never loved someone the way I love her!!!!!

These have been the best 6 weeks of my life! I am so blessed to have this little girl and I'm sooo going to miss being here to see her every minute of the day. However, I am also very blessed that my granny and mom will be the ones keeping her; that makes me feel comforted for sure!!

I LOVE my job..don't get me wrong. I spent lots of years and lots of money (that I'm still paying back) to have the career I have today, but next week will still be hard.

Please pray for me! Pray that I won't cry too much and make my patients think I'm crazy! Pray that Morgan will do great! Pray that I'll be able to get enough sleep to function during the day too!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just another reminder that I have no control....

What the heck....I've literally left the house with Morgan like 4 times ever, I make everyone wash their hands all the time and I have like 3 bottles of hand sanitizer around my house and don't let people touch her without using it....and she has a runny/congested nose...WHAT????

Yesterday she started sounding really nasally and congested and it just got worse overnight. I've had to use saline mist and bulb suction all last night and today. I took her to the pediatrician this morning and they think it could be a virus but they aren't sure. I hope its just allergies. Anyway....her lungs are good, no ear infection, no fever, just nasal stuff. know its bad for a newborn to have fever, so please please pray with me that she doesn't develop a fever and that this clears up ASAP!

We are supposed to do baby dedication Sunday and the doctor said as long as she is getting better and not any worse we are fine to still do it, so pray for the best. And...I really am sad that the last few days I have home with her she's all congested and not feeling like herself.

I've been in tears several times today over it all....please pray for her to get rid of all this nasal congestion and that she is better very soon!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clean House??? When?

I LOVE a clean house. I love those vacuum lines in the carpet...they make me very happy! I love shiny counter tops and the smell of cleaning chemicals! I love all clean and folded laundry and organized drawers and closets. I LOVE a made up bed. I made my bed EVERYDAY before work because it looks so pretty when I get home. I'm a little OCD and that's ok with me, but its very hard to be OCD with a newborn.

Will my house ever be clean again? I'm thinking maybe No!

How can one little girl cause such havoc on the cleanliness of this house. Everyday I clean, pick up things, do some laundry and yet it never looks totally clean. Ahhh....I think I may have to learn to live with a little more mess than I used to (but its not easy for me)

I'm realizing more everyday that I really have no control over anything. I used to think I did, but now I'm admitting that for the most part I don't. God grant me patience...its never been a strong suit of mine!

Oh well were movin' on up....

Yep, we're movin' up...Diaper sizes that is! Morgan is out of her newborn diapers. It makes me sad! I can't believe it...the size 1 diapers look so big, but they fit her! Its crazy how much she's grown! We knew it was definitely time to move up to the size 1's when she had 2 big poopy blowouts in 1 week. The newborn size just wasn't big enough to cover the chunky hiney anymore.

And, its not just diapers. She has also outgrown a lot of her newborn clothes too. There are still a few brands and outfits size newborn that fit her, but she is wearing several of the 0-3 month clothes now. I actually packed up a small box of newborn onsies and nightgowns this morning. My baby is growing everyday!!!

In other news, she is starting to like bathtime more and more everyday! So fun!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Month Old!!!

My sweet little girl turned 1 month old yesterday! WOW....this month has flown by.

Morgan's 1 month stats:
weight: 9lbs 11oz---70-75th percentile
height: 21 in----50-60th percentile
head circ: 14----40-50th percentile

Morgan loves to eat, she is still only on breast milk and takes 1 pumped bottle a day (next week we start 2 a day because I go back to work soon....more on that later). She is a great sleeper too...I her feed around 9pm then we go to bed, mommy wakes her up to eat at 12am then she sleeps until 6:30!!! She smiles and laughs in her sleep and she is starting to occasionally smile back at us!! We are so in love with this sweet girl and can't believe she is growing so fast already!

Also, she is starting to finally enjoy bathtime! Yea!! (I think I wasn't making the water warm enough at first).