Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So much to do....so little time!

Ok so I never realized there were so few hours in the day until I became a mommy! I mean, hello...I just can't accomplish all I'd like to in a day. (I know you're probably thinking, "then how do you have time to blog"...well I'm at work and eating my lunch right now and doing paperwork too) I know I'm talking mostly to moms since most people who read this are moms too, but seriously! I'd love another 2 hrs a day so I can get a few things done and still sleep. Right now I get about 6 hrs of sleep a night, not uninterrupted sleep but still 6 hrs cumulative and after 6 weeks its starting to catch up with me!

I could just let Josh give her a bottle at night and me go to bed early but she already has 3 bottles when I'm at work and I want to nurse her too, so sleep is the sacrifice I make.

I love being a mommy and I love Morgan so much! I just wish I had a little more time to do all the small things that life requires, but its all a work in progress! The 3 of us are learning together and Josh has been really great too!

And...I appreciate my mom sooo much!!! She has been so great! We have bonded in a whole new way since I became a mommy and we've always been very close! She has come over anytime I need her to, gone to the store for anything I need, helped me figure out what to do, let me get some sleep, and loved Morgan sooo much! There has only been 1 day of Morgan's life that she hasn't seen her Nana (at that day we took Morgan to Oklahoma to see Josh's family)! Thanks Mom, you are amazing!

Oh, and a little update on Miss Morgan, she is doing better (I think)...still congested in the nose, mainly in the morning and otherwise no other health issues and still no fevers yea!!!

I'll post pics of her church dedication soon!


Julie said...

All part of the things that you really can't prepare someone for or explain to a mom-to-be until she's there. Glad you're here with all of us other moms. ;) I can relate to every word of your post.
And I'm at home all day... How am I not getting everything done? I'm such a slacker. :)