Friday, December 3, 2010

Money down the drain...literally!

So our toilet in the master bath has been "Out of Order" for the past 3 weeks. It just had no pressure and would not actually flush. We have a "handy-man" that we use for a lot of things and we called him to come fix it (he's much cheaper than a plumber), but he was really busy so he just came today.

Well, did you know that tree/plant roots can grow into your plumbing system?? I had no idea. Then again, I know very little about how things work, etc. Apparently, some roots were in our system that he had to get out and now, works again! Thanks, that will be $65.

So, money down the drain! But hey, at least it works again.


Julie said...

But really when you think about it... cost of plumber-- $65, being able to flush your business--priceless.

The Longs said...

That made me laugh out loud Julie!