Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big baby????

Today was my 26 week appt. I am actually 26 weeks 5 days today, so almost 27 weeks, but my belly measured at 28 weeks today. My weight gain has been great....I'm only up 11 lbs total so far. Morgan was her usual active self during my visit and kicked the doppler monitor when she was checking her heartbeat! I think she's going to be quite a mess!! Anyway, my doctor seems to think she may be a little bigger than average so we'll do a quick sono at my next appt in 2 weeks to get an idea. She also said that I might be measuring a little big because my weight gain was so low at first that maybe she just finally had a growth spurt and will level off now. long as she and I are both healthy, I'm happy! (but hopefully she won't be as big as her daddy when he was born....9 lbs...ahh)

Now, I start going every 2 weeks! Crazy, huh? She'll be here before we know it!


rackersfamily said...

I can't believe your already ready for 2 week appts... it seems like I just found out you were pregnant! She will be adorable and healthy and prob look just like her daddy!

HG said...

Ha! I measured 2 weeks ahead my entire pregnancy. Ryan was the smallest baby at 8lbs 12oz (his youngest brother was 9lbs 14oz!!!) So I was terrified that I was going to birth a 2 year old sized baby! But, she came out 7.11oz and 20.5 inches long and I remember thinking.. "she looks skinny" because I had expected such a big baby!
My OB also said that if you're "short waisted" you may measure bigger because there's less space for baby.

So hopefully baby is just fooling you into thinking she's going to be huge! Avery fooled me!

Hope you are well!!