Thursday, April 7, 2011

Updates and New Things

I'm really not good at this blogging thing....I need to try to be better, but's what's new with us.

1. I am starting a new job Monday 4/18. I've known it was time to move on for a while now, but I HATE change; however, I decided to take a job as a PA for an Allergy & Asthma practice in Frisco. Its a wonderful office and the staff is great and I think its going to be a great change! I'm still working 4 1/2 days a week but the pay and benefits are a lot better! It was hard to decided to leave my current office and I'm going to miss my patients sooooo much, but its time to move on.

2. My baby girl turned 1 last week! WHAT? How is that possible? This last year really did fly by. It was a fun, crazy year and I'm enjoying every stage so much. Morgan is so fun right now and just learning new things everyday!

3. My grandfather is battling lung cancer and its been a rough few months for he and my grandmother. Pray for peace and strength for them and for God's healing hands on my grandfather.

4. Tomorrow (Friday) Morgan is spending the night with my parents. This will be the 1st time she spends the night away from us. I'm excited for a fun night of dinner and a movie with Josh and sleeping past 6:30am on Saturday. Morgan and my parents will have lots of fun, I'm sure!