Monday, April 12, 2010

Morgan's 1st Bath

Morgan's umbilical cord fell off at the end of last week, so we got to give her a real bath! Well, she wasn't really a big fan. It started off with a stunned look on her face and quickly changed to screaming and then finally she was a little happy by the time we were almost done. I think she was most happy to be wrapped up in her towel than anything else! Hopefully she'll grow to like them!


Julie said...

Great job!! Everytime I bathed a baby, even still with Caroline, I pray, "Please Lord don't let me drop her when I get her out." Wet, slippery and squirmy can be tricky. ;)

Kyle and Jennie said...

She is so pretty Kisha! I remember Hunter screamed through his first bath too.. Now you cannot get him out of the bath tub. He loves his baths.

Miss you!