Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend with Braden!

What a fun weekend! Our 2 year old nephew Braden came to visit us all by himself this weekend! Josh & I were really looking forward to spoiling him and I prayed all week that he wouldn't cry and would have lots of fun! Well....God answered my prayers! He was WONDERFUL! I mean not one cry, not one tear, no tantrum, no fits, nothing but smiles and laughs and fun! We started the weekend out by taking him to Gatti Town in Frisco were we played games and rode the train and had pizza. Then we came home and Maggie and him ran around outside for an hour, then it was bath time and bed time (he was all tuckered out and slept all night). Saturday Uncle Josh let him wear his PJ's to the donut shop and then we all got dressed and went to feed the ducks and play at the playground! Then we went to play with cousins Cade & Landry where Braden leared he LOVES to play the drums and then had lunch with them at Snuffers! Finally we went to to the petstore to see all the animals and then to the bookstore to buy a new book! He was asleep before we even got out of Lewisville as we headed to take him back!

We had so much fun with him and are so blessed that Jessica & Chris let us share some time with their sweet little boy! Here a just a few of the MANY pics I took this weekend!

Feeding the ducks with Josh

Fun at the park

Loving on Aunt Kisha

Looking a fish with Uncle Josh

Our cute photo booth session

Playing games!

Riding the carousel

Add Image Shivering after a bubble bath!

Uncle Josh & Braden in their almost matching shirts!


rackersfamily said...

He is so cute! Remember, I have 2 if you ever get lonely!! ;)