Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Art of Loving Dogs!

Its funny....Josh and I both grew up having dogs, but neither one of us ever remember being "dog people"....that is until NOW!! We got Maggie (our adorable dog) a little over a year ago and we love her so much most people think we're crazy! She totally transformed us into "dog people"! She has so much personality its almost like she is a person sometimes (and if you know us you know that we kind of treat her like one).

Well, Josh was playing on the internet and found a review of a new novel called "The Art of Racing in the Rain" which is a book written by a dog about his life as he recalls it from his death bed. The reviews were wonderful and so last weekend we went out and purchased the book. I have to say that if you've ever loved dogs you should read it! It made me laugh and cry and made me want to curl up and love on my sweet dog even more! So....if you've got some extra time READ IT!