Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bows....they are just our thing!

So you all know very well by now that my daughter wears a bow pretty much all the time. No, I don't put them on her when we are just at home or when she is with my grandmother during the day while I'm at work, but if we are going somewhere....she wears a bow. There are 2 reasons for this...#1 I LIKE THEM & I THINK THEY ARE CUTE! #2 People will know she is a girl.

The one day I didn't have a bow on her someone told me she looks like a boy because she is so big. Ugh, did you not notice the hot pink polka dot outfit she was wearing?

I get annoyed by so many people telling me that she doesn't need to wear a bow. Yesterday the lady taking her pics said "I just don't get the whole bow thing". At church, the lady in the nursery takes her bow off and puts it in the diaper bag as soon as I drop her off. She says "bows are my pet peeve".....Well, you taking her bow off is my pet peeve. Anyway, I like them. We have LOTS of them. And she is going to keep wearing them! They are fun and I think she looks precious!


Charla said...

I got tired of KJ being called a boy when we didn't have one in. Now, they are EVERYWHERE. I need to send you a pic of the new bow holder I made for her today. Too cute!!

The Longs said...

Yes, Charla...send me a pic! We have one bow holder that is totally full, so I need another one!!

Julie said...

Ah, Miss Shirley. Bows are her pet peeves. And so are tights. And so are buttons instead of snaps. And... the list goes on... and on.. and on... :)

I think Morgan looks adorable!

Krystal said...

I am glad that you like bows too! We have the same problem in our church nursery. I dress Madeline up very cute for church only to pic her up without her bow, shoes and socks.