Monday, December 28, 2009

Lost in the snow!

This year we headed up to Oklahoma on Thursday afternoon just as it was started to snow here in the area. Its wasn't yet freezing here so the roads were just fine....that is until we crossed into Oklahoma. Suddenly the roads were slick and we had to drive about 40mph the rest of the way to Ardmore, but we made it safe and sound at around 4pm on Christmas Eve.

Josh went outside to bring in our luggage and all our gifts while it was snowing like crazy. Somehow, his hands were wet from the snow and his wedding ring slipped off his hand and onto the snow covered grass. We went outside to look for it, but could barely see our hands in front of our faces it was snowing so hard, so we decided to wait until it melted and look for it then. Saturday morning it still hadn't really melted off and the ring was buried under some 6 inches of snow. I decided to put on my gloves and just start rummaging through the snow in the general area of where he lost it and low and behold....I got really lucky! I bet I only looked for about 3-5 minutes and found it! YEA!!! Josh was so happy to have it back!

All in all, It was a beautifully white Christmas!!! Here are a few pics in the snow!

Our nephews outside playing on Christmas morning....this was BEFORE they started crying because their hands got so cold!


Kyle and Jennie said...

I think you are the prettiest pregnant person I have ever seen!