Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's in a name.....

Josh and I really liked 2 girls names and we've had a hard time deciding which to pick if our baby was a little girl....However, when we found out Friday that we were for sure having a baby girl, it was pretty easy for us to decide. One of the names just "fit". So, our baby girl's name will be:

Morgan Laurice Long

Morgan was my mom's maiden name. Obviously that makes it my grandparents last name and therefore it is very special for my family. Laurice (which is pronounced "Lor-Reese") is Josh's mom and sister's middle name. So she will be named after both our families!

It has been fun saying, "she" and "her" the past few days; it makes it so much more real!!!

Baby bump pics coming soon....I've definitely got more of a bump in the past 2 weeks!


Julie said...

Love it! And I love names that have a special meaning. So fun that we can call her by name now!

Kyle and Jennie said...

Very CUTE! We cannot wait to meet her!