Sunday, November 15, 2009

19 weeks and counting!

Baby bump update here! I'm 19 weeks and 1 day!!! Morgan is doing great and my belly is growing by the day it seems!!!! :-)

Josh got to feel her move for the 1st time on Friday!!! We went to dinner at BJ's in Lewisville and as we were walking in I was telling him that I hadn't felt her moving much that day; well as soon as we sat down and started looking at the menu, she started kicking me like crazy!!!! I thought it wouldn't last long, but she just kept going. So I told Josh to come sit on my side of the booth and feel. I put his hand on my belly and sure enough she kicked him!! He was a little startled by it, but it was really cute! HE LOVED IT!! And I LOVED that he got just a little experience of what I get everyday! Its the best part of being pregnant I think!!!

We had a busy weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower Saturday then we went to Oklahoma Saturday evening and this morning saw our oldest nephew Tucker get baptised!! It was great!!


rackersfamily said...

isn't that the coolest feeling... i can't only imagine the comments josh had after that. he's going to be an awesome dad.

Sarah said...

You look great!