Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Time has creeped up on us and its now time for us to start looking at buying our 1st home! Our lease is up right after Christmas and now that I know where I will be working we know where we'd like to buy a home!!!!! (I took the Family Practice job, by the way). So, as exciting as that is, its also really scary. Its a lot going on at one time....finishing and graduating PA school, taking my PA certification exam, looking for a home, moving, and starting a new job....and its all during the holidays!!!!! Obviously, thinking about it all makes me a little stressed, so I try to just think about one at a time! Keep us in your prayers as we embark on many new and exciting things in our life!!!!!


Sarah said...

Hi Kisha! I know what you mean- Drew and I graduated, bought a house, moved and got married all within a few months of each other. But it's still very exciting!

KrissyBo. said...

Hi there! I just saw you on Rebekah's blog...congratulations on everything! Change can definitely be scary, but everything will fall into place! :)

Team Long said...

Good luck house hunting!!! It will be lots of fun!!!!