Friday, February 12, 2010

Car Shopping Weekend Here We Come

We found out that Josh's SUV was indeed a total loss. The good news, at least, is that they are giving us a little over two thousand dollars than we owed on it, so we have extra money to put down on another car. But...this also means we have to spend the weekend shopping for cars.

We're looking for a used car but one that's still in really good condition and that will keep our payment about the same as it was. That, unfortunately, means that we have to look at a million different cars and on a million different lots. We've been looking online, but its hard to tell about the condition of a car based on 1 or 2 pictures online. So, that means my weekend will be spent looking for a car for Josh, haggling with sales reps and signing lots of papers. Boooooo. I wanted to go shopping for me clothes for my baby showers and for a wedding I have to go to in 2 weeks. Oh, well.

I'm going to put on my smiley face and enjoy shopping for cars with my hubby and my 8 month preggo belly!! :-)

Wish us luck!