Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So ready for Friday!

Well, I've been a single-lady for the past 13 days and I am soooo ready for my husband to come home! He doesn't usually have to travel with his job, but he's currently been in Michigan for work since Sept 24th. It has been really strange not having him to eat dinner with or fall asleep with or wake up to in the morning. I've spent a lot of time with my mom & dad, granny and friends from church, but I miss MY HUBBY! He comes home on Friday and I can't wait!!!! We are going to have a wonderful, relaxing weekend together and probably go out for a fun dinner Saturday night.

In baby news, I'm 13 weeks and feeling really good. Still tired often, but that's about it! 5 more weeks till we find out the sex! Yea!!


Julie said...

I didn't know you were home alone. I would've totally sent the kids to stay with Aunt Kisha for the last 2 weeks. ;)

Seriously, that's a long time to be alone. Sorry I wasn't a better friend. Should've had you over for dinner or something. Sorry!