Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's that noise??

So Sunday after church Josh and I got groceries and then came home and were going to take a nap (as we often do on Sundays). As he was changing clothes I was in the kitchen putting up groceries and noticed the fridge was making a very strange noise. It sounded like a lound fan and you could hear it from the living room. Well, of course I called Josh in there to check it out. He said it was nothing and would probably stop by the time we got up from our nap, so I let it be.

Well, we woke up 1.5 hrs later and I could still hear this strange noise from the fridge. I started telling Josh we needed to call someone, blah, blah, blah. He pulled the fridge back, unplugged it....and the noise was still there! I was like "see Josh, something is wrong...lets call a repair man." He was sure it was nothing so I went in the other room while he proceeded to "fix" it.

A few minutes later I find him craking up in the kitchen and he tells me he fixed it. Turns out, the bottom cabinet that is right next to the fridge holds a few odds and ends that we don't use much (including 2 of those bottles that hold water and have a motorized fan to keep you cool when outside, etc). Apparantly when I was putting things away, I somehow nocked one over and it turned itself on causing a awful, loud, "fan" noise which I mistook for the fridge. Thank goodness we didn't pay to have a repair man figure that out!!!!