Friday, December 12, 2008

Moving....and Studying!

Well I thought I should post an update on all our house craziness. Basically our lenders won't let us close on the house until they "know" that I will be able to start my job as a PA (i.e. they want to be sure I will be making money). So that means they won't let us close until after I know that I've passed my PA certification exam. So....since us and the sellers were already planning on moving they are letting us go ahead and move in as planned, lease it for a couple weeks and we'll close as soon as I get my "passing" score on the exam. I graduate Sunday (YEA!) and then take the PANCE (PA National Certification Exam) on Friday the 19th. Then the movers come to move us in on Sunday the 21st!! The scores are available online and should be posted before Jan 1st. Its all pretty stressful but we're super excited about being in the house! is all riding on me passing that test....the house, my job...all of it is riding on one test. I know I'm ready and in my heart I know I'll pass but it still make me very nervous. PLEASE, PLEASE keep me in your prayers as I study for this test. I know I'm ready and I know I will continue studying until next Friday comes, but pray I will stay calm and allow God to take care of it all! I would greatly appreciate the prayers...especially next Friday!!!


rackersfamily said...

You will do great! Sorry, we won't be there to see you take the walk tomorrow. I know you have put so much into school and studying. I am so proud of you. You are going to be a great PA. Congratulations. Hopefully, we can get together soon and celebrate.

momma bow said...

I've been thinking about you lately - with all the house stuff, and school - I know you're working hard to keep from stressing. I was going to call, but I thought I would wait until your craziness settled down. I will DEFINITELY be praying for you this week and on FRIDAY FOR SURE! My prayer is that you will have a peace about this test before you even sit down to take it, that everything you have learned will flood your mind, that you'll remember things you thought you might have forgot, and that God will reveal His awesomeness to you in undeniable ways! Love you girlie!

Kyle and Jennie said...

Good Luck on your test tomorrow. Enjoy your massage today! Praying for you, but I know you will do AWESOME! Talk to you later!